Help Me Age This Beer

January 14, 2011 at 3:19 am

Tom Keith

I recently wrote a column about beers that need to be aged. And I’ve tasted a few fantastic examples. But you, dear reader, can help me expand my knowledge of aged beers. Just send me a bottle. Well, not any bottle. Send me a bottle of this. @BorsBareTreeMeth

Photo courtesy Two Brothers Brewing Company

That’s Two Brothers (Warrenville, IL) 15 6-liter “Methuselah” bottles of the 2009 vintage Bare Tree Weiss Wine. It’s based on an extreme version (almost 13% ABV) of their Hefeweizen, aged in port wine bottles. For nearly a year. It’s been described as “extremely complex with flavors of caramel, melon, apricot, vanilla, oak, black pepper, and subtle banana.”

But I’m skeptical. So someone should send me a bottle (available only at the brewery, about $200 a bottle) that I can evaluate and share impressions with other Local Beet readers. (Evaluations may take a decade or two – at that size, it should age gently and well.) I know I can count on you guys.

I’ll be watching my mailbox closely.