Eat Local Lettuces, Rocket, Cukes – Now!

January 5, 2011 at 10:06 am

We continue to astonish people with the simple conceit that it is possible to eat local in the Chicago area, even now, in deep dark winter.  How, how, we are asked in disbelief.  The recipe is simple: a combination of stored foods and indoor grown foods.  Hopefully, you have used your canner, freezer, and make-shift root cellar (and your refrigerator can easily be your make shift root cellar) to have stored food.  Your indoor grown food, how ’bout heading off to the Downtown Farmstand.

We popped into the Downtown Farmstand yesterday, running unexpectedly into Friend of Beet Ms. Mint, but rather expectantly, running into cases full of lettuces, rocket, micro-greens and, well this one not as expectantly, cucumbers from Illinois’s Living Water Farms.  Can anyone say salad.  In addition to the green things, the Farmstand had ample potatoes (sweet and white) and0 winter squash, as well as a limited amount of cabbage, turnips and beets.

All of the green things came from downstate Living Waters Farm.  There should be a supply all winter.  So, when they ask them how you eat local, tell them you pop into Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand on occasion.

Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand
66 E. Randolph St.
Chicago IL 60602
Phone: 312.742.8419