We’ve Got Worms!

December 1, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Yep!  We’ve got them alright. They live in the house with us, can you believe it?

Lirio, our dog, is fascinated by them.  She’s never ventured into, or been the least bit curious about, what we call The Worm Room, until now.    At least a few times a week she opens the door to check out the new residents. She’s especially curious as to why they get so much more food than she does. WTW!


As we began our garden we started attending workshops and I fell in love with the worms at the Lincoln Park Zoo Gardens.

Check these critters out:

It's kind of hard to get them to stay still

It's kind of hard to get them to stay still

We use worms to compost our waste and make fantastic nutrient rich matter for the next garden.  This technique is called vermicomposting.  Vermicomposting allows you to quickly transform kitchen scraps into soil amendments.  It’s a great way to use the food waste your family creates.  Kind of the ultimate in recycling and suitable for those of us who are landlocked and still wish to compost.

As I began researching creating a home for the worms, I realized I didn’t have a drill, so making a homemade bin seemed difficult. Then I fell in love with this Ritz-Carlton of Worm Housing.  The worms could even get a penthouse suite here.   All that was left was to get the worms, but they were pricey!

Yep Red Wigglers are quite a commodity and you do pay for “The Cadillac of Worms”.

Imagine how excited I was when I saw this:


Yep. We landed free Red Wigglers Thanks to @ScrumptPantry. She’s really quite generous.

We feed them: vegetables, fruit, (think scraps, pits, peels), coffee grounds, tea bags, and off they go. We don’t feed them meat, cheese, dairy, citrus, grains, or onions.

What happens? These buggers are like rabbits and will eat and multiply. They will create worm castings that are truly “black gold” for gardeners.


Don’t you think they look happy?



  1. Lee says:

    Ha, glad to see my “babies” are doing alright! We are gonna have some mighty good compost for our raised beds at the Peterson Garden next year!

  2. I love this! I’d really like to try vermicomposting during the winter, but the price of worms and the bins has deterred me–and my very eco-conscious daughter vociferously protests the idea because she doesn’t like the idea of worms in the house, even though I’ve assured her that they’d stay in the bin, which would be far away from her quarters. So I continue to pitch my vegetable waste outside in the garden/compost heap during winter.

  3. Lee, I think your babies had babies. I believe that makes you Oma.

  4. Helen- I’d be more than willing to give you some worms, hmmm, this is starting to feel like sharing a starter, if you like. If you are handy you can certainly make your own bin. They should be kept inside because our winters are too cold for them.

  5. Melissa says:

    Ava, I so wish I’d waited to get your worm bin, we’d bought ours before I came across Steph at Urban Worm Girl and her beautifully styled worm bins. Oh well.

    And yes, Lee is VERY generous. She’s a doll.

  6. I’m thinking of taking you up on the worm offer. I think they should be fine in the garage, which should also satisfy DD.

  7. Let’s chat. How cold does it get in your garage? They like a little heat, not just for survival, in order to flourish, if you know what I mean.

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