PlanIt Green for Oak Park, River Forest – Communities Working on Their Sustainability

October 6, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Our friends at Seventh Generation Ahead informed us of a new initiative to improve the sustainability of the Oak Park and River Forest communities. Even if you do not live in those villages, you should look into what is happening with this “PlanItGreen” process.  Your village or city may be next. 

As part of the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation’s Community Seven Generations Ahead has been selected to lead the development of the Oak Park River Forest Sustainability Vision Plan in partnership with the Delta Institute, the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation, and will work in collaboration with a host of organizations and residents within Oak Park and River Forest.  This involves all aspects of the community – business, government, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Topics covered in PlanItGreen will include:

1. Food

2. Waste Reduction

3. Water Conservation, Quality Protection

4. Energy (Efficiency and Renewable Energy)

5. Transportation

6. Green Economy

7. Procurement

8. Community Development and Planning

9. Open Space/Conservation

10. Education

A few immediate ways that community residents and stakeholders can get involved with

PlanItGreen include:

1. Registering your organization at the PlanItGreen section of the SGA website

2. Take the PlanItGreen Survey and encourage friends, neighbors, and colleagues to do the same.

3. Register to attend the PlanItGreen Community Forums at

To access more information, including the Sustainability Vision Plan Survey and Community visit