We Don’t Stop Eating Local

September 30, 2010 at 1:18 pm

We like the Green City Market Locavore Challenge.  We like how it raises awareness of local foods, and we like how it enhances the local food movement.  Hell, we had a fantastic time at last week’s community dinner.  We just don’t challenge ourselves to eat local for two weeks.  Our efforts to eat the local way include:

At Green City Market on September 29 we got the one jewel tray of tiny, pale orange American persimmons.  We also got some kale.  With my wife working several farmer’s markets for Tomato Mountain, we are never more than a day away from new food.  So it is always coming.  Grapes and pears so we could take an apple hiatus.  Rocket, tomatoes, peppers, the last of the cucumbers, lettuces to keep me forever in salads.  Celery, carrots for soups.  I picked up a whole bunch of very tiny okra, but I have yet to cook.

For the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, we had our yearly dish of stuffed vegetables; this year a Syrian inspired recipe (i.e., flavored with tart tamarind paste) of peppers and zukes filled half with Mint Creek beef and half vegetarian. 

There is always pasta.  Dinner the other night got whipped up from more (other) zucchini, juliet tomatoes and onions over whole wheat noodles.

And salads.  With plenty of remaining tomatoes, the last cucumbers, peppers.  It made me happy to no end that my kids surprised me the other day with a bread salad (a/k/a panzanella) they put together for a birthday lunch.

I don’t always make tomato salads.  There was cauliflower boiled until just tender, herbs, olives and some hot pepper, a dish inspired by something I had a few days earlier at the Green City Market dinner.

My wife made soup from local chicken and seasonal vegetables.  My daughter made the kreplach.  My other daughter mixed sweet potatoes, carrots and spices around the house into tzimmes.

Tell us how you have not stopped eating local.