Department of Weighing In: M Burger

September 30, 2010 at 12:59 pm


Who does not love a hamburger sandwich?  Besides, there are so many hamburger experiences.  A thin MikeG nomenclatured “30′s style” burger provides a much different eating experience from a wide Kuma creation.  Switch from flat grill to gas fired “charcoal”, and your burger tastes all so different.  The toppings alway vary.  Endless burgers satisfy.  Then, there is M Burger.

Seeking to satisfy those endless burger cravings, the Lettuce Entertain You folks took a bit of space from Tru and made it into a burger house called M Burger.  They quickly duplicated this space by another carve-out, at the River North Osteria via Stato.  With a limited menu and limited seating, this is supposed to be a burger for easy urges.  More over, it is meant to evoke those two great burger yearnings.  With secret sauce,2/3rds paper-foil wrapper, it may remind you of burgers of your youth or it may remind you of a California burger.  And there’s a secret menu!

Evocation, however, does not replace substance.  I had about three bites into my burger when my wife started hers.  Salty.  Her first words of description matched my unexpressed thoughts of a few minutes earlier.  Beyond salt, the whole thing tasted cheap.  Yet, of course, not truly cheap.  Not as cheap as a McDonald’s double or as cheap as a Mickey’s Drive-In Big Baby.  They say the meat is “all natural midwest“.  I guess such descriptions evokes quality, local meat.  In the same vein, the fries, frozen with their skin-on, evoked fresh cut.

Anyone else still need to weigh in on the M Burger?

161 E. Huron St and 5 W. Ontario