Your reaction to Chicago Food Film Festival: thumbs up or thumbs down

September 27, 2010 at 8:25 am

To butcher the Shakespearean line, I have not come to bury the first annual Chicago Food Film Festival, but I also have not come to praise the festival.

I’m somewhere in between.

Combining food and film is a marvelous concept. And kudos to the New York people for bringing the concept to Chicago first.

There was a nice variety of movies, and the food that accompanied the movies. Oysters, deep-fried stuff, soda pop, burgers, and yes, beer.

I personally attended the Saturday night event. The burgers from the DMK Burger Bar were outstanding — even better than what I’ve had in their restaurant (and that is saying something). And there was a nice outlay of cheese and crackers, beer and other alcoholic drinks, soda pop, and cookies.

The warehouse space, thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Art, was the ideal setting for the event. And Purple Asparagus got some well-deserved attention and, hopefully, plenty of tips.

The surprise was the high price point of $30. You can debate as to whether there was sufficient value for the money. And the crowd on Saturday night seemed a little too hip, more there to be seen than to appreciate the food/film marriage.

The price point seemed to shut out a willing audience that might be more appreciative of the concept. Though given the size of the crowd that was there, you can’t get too many more people in the space.

But what did you think? If you went either night or both nights or if you were a VIP — let us know what you liked about the first annual Chicago Food Film Festival, and what could be improved.

Hey, it was the first one. And we certainly want it to come back. But the people are the best judges of how we can make an even better combination of food and film.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.