Saying Goodbye To Summer Loves

September 9, 2010 at 1:25 pm

As much I love Fall and embrace the harvest season, I can’t help but be wistful about the soon-to-be departure of some of my favorite summer produce. Even though I’ve experienced better tomato seasons, there is still no substitute to truly vine-ripened, heirloom tomatoes — grown and eaten only in summer, of course.

I’m especially sad to say goodbye to my favorite cherry tomatoes, oddly and curiously named “Matt’s Wild Cherry” tomatoes. I love their small stature and sweet, candy taste. They need no dressing or accompaniments, as great summer tomatoes should not, in my opinion. They’re perfect for munching while at your desk. And I love their wild appearance, shooting haphazardly from the gnarly vine. Sigh.

Any summer produce that you’re sad to see go? Please share!


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  1. Rob Gardner says:

    Glad to see go? I ALWAYS have this Oskar Schindler moment some time in September where I feel like I did not eat enough tomatoes. Summer produce is the hardest to give up, firstly because it so damn tasty, but secondly the pleasures of fall food soon give way to the long months of winter food and then spring food which is pretty much fall food all over again.

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