Must Have Been in the Water – Check out this Atlanta Local Food Blog

September 5, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Nearly 30 years from high school, can one refer to the sister of one of your best friends as his “kid sister?”  This kid’s sister and I did not share much apparent in common in high school.  While Chris and I and our friends were driving like crazy through the back roads of Wisconsin to make it to the ZZ Top concert in time, Debbie was practicing her violin.  Cannot say we ever talked food back then, and if we did it was probably about the monumental performance of our friend Matt beating another guy in a Dog n’ Suds eating contest.  Who would have thunk that Chris’s kid sister would also grow up to be a raving locavore.  Must have been something in the water.

Debbie recently launched a local food site as part of the larger Atlanta Magazine’s dining blog.  Debbie’s site covers Atlanta area farmer’s markets, seasonal produce and an event calendar.  Debbie also contributes regular posts to the Atlanta Magazine site called “Field Notes.”  Go check out the site.