Local Week at Angelo Caputo’s and Other Local Food at the Supermarket

August 26, 2010 at 9:08 am

For the most part, this summer, Angelo Caputo’s has not played the local card in their weekly ads.  I’ve been a bit surprised as I know they sell about as much local produce as they can.  They rectify that this week, putting “Michigan Grown” in the center, front of their weekly flyer.  Jewel continues to strongly feature local produce and Dominick’s makes a locavore comeback this week.  The other stores who advertise in my Chicago Trib, Food4Less, and Ultra and Aldi show no local. 

One second before we get to what’s on offer.  Let’s discuss price.  The costs of local foods seems to be on everyone’s minds right now (and we have a piece in process of saving money while eating local), but the prices on display in the ads are quite illustrative.  On one hand, Angelo Caputo’s has all their local foods priced at less that $1/lb.  Dominicks, on the other hand, charges $2/lb for local lettuce and $2/lb for freakin’ hot house (not local) tomatoes.  In other words one can find bargains and high prices wherever they shop.

Angelo Caputo’s

  • Michigan extra large tomatoes
  • Michigan green peppers
  • Michigan pickles
  • Michigan jalepenos
  • Michigan peaches
  • Michigan melrose peppers
  • Michigan poblano peppers
  • Illinois sweet corn


  • Michigan green beans
  • Michigan cucumbers
  • Illinois sweet corn
  • Illinois mushrooms
  • Watermelon? – It’s in the locally grown column, but no State is given making me wonder


  • Locally grown Athena cantaloupe
  • Locally grown green peppers
  • Locally grown romaine, red and green leaf lettuce

Last week’s grocery store report is here.