Get Your Local Celery at Jewel and Other Local Foods Around Town

August 19, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Hey.  Do you know your best chance for local celery may be at Jewel.  I mean we love farmers and we love farmer’s markets, but we are absolutely not so sure we love farmer’s market celery.  Sure, I’ll get some here and there.  And I can treat it as something.  Something incredibly strong.  I mean what Wendy thinks about eating balsamic ice cream, I about feel of local, farmer’s market celery.  It can be mean in your mouth.  Maybe balanced with something mild, like, say, anchovies, local celery can be digested.  Or, as Michael Morowitz has noted, use the leaves simply as an herb and ignore the rest.  Or get celery that tastes like you expect.  Something easy to stuff with local sheep’s milk cheese, something to munch with chicken wings, or something to build a nice soup.  Jewel has that kind of celery this week that’s local. The key to taking the ooph out of celery is to shade it as it grows.  That’s celery most of us can handle.  What else you can find local at the grocery stores is listed below.

Note, not only does Dominicks advertise no local produce, but their flyer is almost embarrassing in its distance and lack of seasonality.  There’s iceberg lettuce (cool weather crop), on the vine tomatoes (indoor grown), and clementines (from where?) shown.

Here’s who does have local:


  • Illinois sweet corn
  • Indiana watermelon
  • Michigan green peppers
  • Michigan celery
  • Michigan green beans

Angelo Caputo’s

  • Locally grown sweet corn
  • Michigan extra large tomatoes
  • Michigan hot or sweet banana peppers

Ultra Foods

  • Wisconsin new crop russet potatoes

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  1. sarah says:

    Michigan blueberries are at Harvestime (Lawrence & Talman) and Treasure Island (way cheaper than the farmers market, too)

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