Local Food All Over – We Read the Flyers

August 6, 2010 at 12:00 pm

I spent a good amount of time yesterday at the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market, and I can tell you the bounty is full.  There is much local food on offer including summer melons, all those heirloom tomatoes, and peaches you did not realize the full 44 uses.  Find a market fast.  And if you can’t, if you absolutely must shop instead at a supermarket, at a grocery store, at something big box, you can still find local food.  This week, local food is all over.

Our weekly flyers reveal the following in area local food:


  • Michigan grown canning tomatoes
  • “Home grown” jumbo green or banana peppers

Utra Foods

  • Michigan Red Haven peaches


  • Michigan blueberries
  • Michigan cucumbers
  • Michigan zucchini
  • Michigan yellow squash
  • Michigan eggplant
  • Michigan celery
  • Michigan green peppers
  • Michigan green beans
  • Illinois sweet corn
  • Illinois mushrooms

Dominicks – N0 apparent local produce advertised this week

Note: based not on a flyer, but on an actual visit, I can report that the Super H Mart in Niles had Michigan cherry tomatoes and Michigan blueberries (and if you happened to be there at the right time, you could get those blueberries for 1/2 off).