Jewel’s Eating Local – Accessible/Affordable Update

July 14, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Woot!  On the back page of my CTrib food section for July 14, what do I espy: nearly 1/2 a page dedicated to “Locally Harvested” “Fresh from the field and picked at the peak of freshness.”  The ad features Illinois sweet corn and peaches, Wisconsin cabbage, Indiana muskmelon, and Michigan blueberries and cucumbers.   Of course they also lump in Tennessee green peppers and tomatoes, but will just wipe them out like Kremlin fixtures in disgrace.  The same locavore specials are included in the weekly insert.

Rival Dominicks advertises Michigan blueberries too and also mentions locally grown lettuce and cabbage without giving the state of origin.

Caputo’s shows but one local item in their flyer, Michigan lettuce.  Ultra also shows one item, Michigan blueberries.  Food4Less shows no local in their copy.

Let us know what kinds of local items you are seeing at your neighborhood food stores.


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  1. Wendy Aeschlimann says:

    I heard a commercial on Pandora — of all places — advertising Jewel’s local produce, and the commercial touted how “you don’t have to go to the farmer’s market, you can shop at Jewel!” (Yes, they invoked the words “farmer’s market” in their ads, so they must view them as some sort of competition.) It’s sad to me that Jewel is hoping to play to people’s laziness in insinuating that shopping there would absolve them of that tedious and unpleasant task of going to the farmer’s market. I realize that the convenience of one-stop shopping is partly Jewel’s appeal, but I think they should be focused first on providing quality produce rather than convenience. On the other hand, Jewel should be applauded for any genuine efforts to support small(er), local farmers (but, as the Pandora ad acknowledges, it is clearly the market that is driving this move). I have yet to go in a Jewel to see what this produce looks like, or whether their advertising is born out by the actual stock in the stores.

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