Walking, public transit the way to go to farmers market, especially when you can’t find parking

June 30, 2010 at 9:44 am

Going to the farmers market can be a wonderful experience, especially if you take public transportation or are fortunate to walk. There are many good reasons to do this: less of a carbon footprint, appreciate the nature around you before you buy the nature to take home in a bag.

And there is this reason: you might not find parking, even if you do drive.

My girlfriend and I had rented a car for Friday; she was meeting my mother for the first time. We couldn’t return the car until 9 a.m., so we had the great idea to drive down to the Green City Market, get some produce quickly, and jump quickly back onto Lake Shore Drive.

Even though we went relatively early, there was not a spot to be found. My girlfriend wanted to keep trying to find a spot, but time was running out. I dropped her off and then went to find a place to wait until she came out. She got quite a bit, even if I didn’t get anything for myself.

I was happy for her, but disappointed for myself. To be close enough to see the booths and not be able to get anything was a very sad experience.

Maybe we were too naive, especially since neither of us owns a car. And maybe we would have had a better time getting a spot on a Wednesday than a Saturday.

But those CTA buses and trains are starting to look a lot better. True, they take longer than a car, having a car is easier to bring back perishable items, and you can’t carry as much back with you on a bus or train. But with public transit, you will get there and you will be able to shop for what you want.