The Second Morton Grove Farmers’ Market Goes Good

June 6, 2010 at 7:12 am

Maybe a bit more than half as many people showed up to our second outing. Granted, the forecast called for thunderstorms and instead we got a powerful, albeit brief rainstorm and a few lesser ones before and after. Kudos to our patrons for showing up in their ponchos and umbrellas. The fact that we had as many people as we did, I think, was impressive considering the weather. All our tents held up well, though. And because we’re on pavement and not grass, the Market didn’t turn out to be a big muddy quagmire. Thanks also to Roxanne from the Glenview market for visiting and offering some terrific advice. Glenview’s market gets to boast the most authenticity in the area, sitting on the last real working farm for many miles around.

We had several people comparing our market to others in the area which don’t start for another few weeks and telling us that the other markets offer more produce. We calmly explained that in northern Illinois in early June, we ARE selling the kind of produce you can grow seasonally and locally, but I think they wanted to hear us say, “Bananas are over at that stand and green peppers are over there.” As much as we on the committee see these early weeks as an educational experience, this may be an education for people not accustomed to seasonal and local farmers markets.