What Took You So Long

June 4, 2010 at 11:07 am

Rob Gardner

As much as we try to run the Local Beet like an honest to God media empire, with holiday gift suggestions and year end reviews, we sometimes succumb to the realities of “other concerns.”  We know we have been awfully slack in getting you the material needed for a Practical Approach to Local Eating.  In fact, we’ve fully stumped ourselves in trying to fix the market locator for 2010, so for the time being we are going to forget it even exists.  (It’s not as good as the guide we had, but the Illinois Department of Agriculture has the best farmer’s market directory ours is up and ready again.)  We’ve been nearly as stumped in getting new material online.  We are sure you’ve re-visted Pat Sheerin several times.  We are working diligently to rectify our lackings.

Brad Moldofsky’s been busy busy busy with some new projects, and also remains committed to building a thriving market in Morton Grove.  He gave an initial report here.

Morton Grove is just one new market exciting us. Here are a few more on the Local Calendar.

A key part of our practical approach is to always prepare to eat local later.  Melissa Graham has some tips on putting away rhubarb.  We will have some more guidelines for setting aside some of the seasonal bounty soon.