Eat Local Asparagus Challenge Met – Days 17-19

May 24, 2010 at 10:24 am

You know who suffered the most this weekend, meeting the Eat Local Asparagus Challenge?  The Cookbook Addict.  The Local Mom.  She Who Decreed.  It’s her Challenge, baby.  It’s not me carrying the load.  My problem, I just carry a smaller appetite (believe it or not).  Come dinner time Saturday, I was mostly full from an earlier Billy Goat Tavern cheezeburger cheezeburger (double) had on the way to Green Fest; OK, that and the Green Fest samples.  My dinner would be Fox and Obel toast.  Good thing the Local Older Daughter meets the Challenge head-on.  A bowl of asparagus soup, bring it on she says.  That was Day 18.

The previous day, Day 17, the asparagus came rolled up in pounded round steak with ham, cheese and pickle.  Several years after purchasing a half a cow from Farmer Vicki, about all that remains were the round steaks.  Turns out, myself and the kids really enjoy these roll-ups.

Day 19, yesterday, felt again like an obligation to the Cookbook Addict, and again I begged off support being stuffed this day from a lunch of carnitas and chicarron.  Her directive for meeting the Challenge, I would make her an asparagus dinner.  So, I did.  Pasta with green garlic, canned chick peas, ricotta salata and asparagus. 

Although one of us wanes and another hardly pulls his weight, the Eat Local Asparagus Challenge continues to be met.