The Eat Local Asparagus Challenge Continues Thanks to Favorable Rulings

May 21, 2010 at 9:56 am

Rob Gardner

After months of eating from a root cellar in the sky, we had the opportunity to gorge on something new and green, asparagus.  In honor of this movement in eating habits, the Cookbook Addict declared that we shall eat asparagus until we could not eat asparagus.  The Eat Local Asparagus Challenge of 2010.  As noted on these pages, the Challenge has not been much of a challenge; thanks however, from some favorable rulings.  We benefit from two caveats.  First, we can eat the same asparagus more than once, leftovers count.  Second, only one member of the Local Family needs to have an asparagus dish a day, we have joint and several ownership over this Challenge.

We made good use of our exceptions this week.  Until this evening, the Local Family will not dine together en total.  Thus, various family members had to carry the load each day.   To enable the continued success of the Challenge the Cookbook Addict turned to one of her favorites, Home by David Page and Barbara Shinn.  There she found an asparagus, rice and lemon dish.  With some crumbled feta one time and local yogurt another, it made an interesting and filling dish.  Something Mom had for lunch and Dad and Kids had for dinner.  The other big batch of asparagus the Addict cooked up, soup.  The kids settled for that one night.  And if that was not enough, at least two days this week, the Kids at asparagus vinaigrette in their lunches.

That’s 16 days of eating asparagus.