Eat Local Asparagus Challenge – Day 7 and a Save for Day 8

May 14, 2010 at 5:56 pm

You know what could have halted the Eat Local Asparagus Challenge?  Not asparagus fatigue.  Not lack of asparagus recipes.  After baked, roasted, with eggs, stuffed in dumplings, raw and cooked, we are ready to proceed.  Keeping us from fulfilling the Challenge, asparagus.  After Day 7′s simple preparation of cold, with vinaigrette, we were out of asparagus. 

Rain kept me from the market launch Thursday at Daley Plaza.  We considered a run to Cassie’s Green Grocer, but our schedules were full enough, making that a bit of a stretch.  My wife thought, what the hey, I’ll give our local Whole Foods a call.  And what do you know.  They have, right now, Michigan asparagus.  I remained skeptical until I saw them in the store.  We have enough asparagus to last a few more days of Challenge.

Tonight, after a few false starts, risotto.


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  1. Judith Nemes says:

    Surprised you found Michigan asparagus at Whole Foods. Which one? Late last week I found asparagus at the Whole Foods on Kingsbury that was from California. Almost didn’t buy it, but it would have been my second strike-out since the Treasure Island near my house the day before only had asparagus from Mexico. So I took the Whole Foods bunch of asparagus to the checkout (I was grilling salmon and had to have asparagus!) and asked the chatty gal at the checkout why they couldn’t get Michigan asparagus if they made such a big deal about buying local when possible. Stumped at my question, she picked up the phone and called her manager. He didn’t have much of an answer why, but they decided to give me the bunch for free (to shut me up, or what?) I said I’d rather pay for local than take the trucked-in bunch for free. So did I take it anyway? Yup, needed to grill it with the salmon … luckily I found plenty from Michigan yesterday at Daley Plaza farmers market where I was buzzing around taking photos for a story I just wrote for Edible Chicago’s summer issue (and picked up the new spring issue where I also had an article). No excuse for any grocery in Chicago NOT to have local asparagus NOW!

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