Beet Reporters – Share Your Green City Market Experiences Here

May 12, 2010 at 9:24 am

Chicago’s Green City Market goes outdoors today.  You should be able to find an array of seasonal items including greens, asparagus and radishes.  If you want your rhubarb already prepared, Floriole baked up some tarts.  Of course, you will also find some expertly store foods including old onions, potatoes and apples.  Local meats and cheese too.

Share your experiences from the 2010 Green City Market launch in the comments.  What did you like.  Buy.  What did you think of the new vendors.  Anything you did not like (we won’t tell anyone).   Did you see Chef Phillip Foss and promise to eat more local carp?  Let us know.



  1. shylo bisnett says:

    I picked up some glorious spinach bunches from Green Acres, who also had beautiful breakfast radishes and cress. We also went with rhubarb and asparagus from Klug and they let us know that they may have strawberries for the Saturday market.

  2. Lee says:

    Asparagus! One farmer even said that if all goes well, they will have asparagus till the 4th of July! Wouldn’t that be something…

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