Eat Local Asparagus Challenge – Day 4, Family Classic

May 11, 2010 at 11:56 am

In the Bungalow, if we eat asparagus one way, we eat it this way: with egg, drizzled butter and grated cheese, a/k/a asparagus Milanese.  As described somewhere, it’s like a deconstructed hollandaise over the asparagus.  As described in our house, it is the ideal way to eat asparagus, and one we do more than once per season.  Which of course meant we needed another ruling.    Were we allowed to have our asparagus with fried egg and grated cheese more than once per Challenge?

In anticipation of finishing the big batch of asparagus-quinoa-preserved lemon dish from Sunday, the Challenge judges ruled that as long as asparagus got eaten each day, it did not need to be a separate and distinct dish.  It would count as long as the dish contained asparagus.  Day 4 could have been met by eating more quinoa.  Because we did not touch the leftovers on Day 4, the ruling did not matter.  Yet, in anticipation of multiple versions of Day 4′s dish, we needed another ruling.  Citing precedent, the judges will allow repeated eatings of asparagus Milanese over the course of the Challenge.

On to Day 5, believed to be risotto.