From Our Beet Reporters – New Beginnings: Genesis Growers

May 10, 2010 at 4:32 pm


It’s been a few years since we had a CSA subscription.  We let our first one go when our pick-up spot went out of business and there were no alternate locations convenient to our daily travels.  After viewing Food, Inc., my determination to support local sustainable farmers was re-energized and I looked for new CSA options in earnest.  A search on landed me at Genesis Growers‘ site and I immediately liked what I saw…a farm that worked hard to transition the land to sustainable use (and is now in the midst of the organic certification process), is more local that our last CSA, has a nearby pick up location, provides fresh pasture-raised chicken eggs and to my delight offers shares from April through December.   

A few emails back and forth to Farmer Vicki revealed that this was indeed a perfect match for my family.  We jumped right in with a full 3-season share plus weekly eggs from a neighbor farm.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the spring share boxes…would it be a lettuce & greens free-for-all?…would it be worth the money spent?  My anticipation was great for that first pick up.  Even though Farmer Vicki sends a weekly email letting us know what to expect I still get a little thrill rushing the box from car to kitchen, peeling away the lid and gingerly taking out each item for inspection.

Wow!  In the course of one month we’ve received apples, carrots, red potatoes and turnips that had been expertly overwintered, cabbage, kale, collards, asparagus, beets (a grill favorite), and, yes, the requisite romaine and leaf lettuce (though not the saladfest I had worried about).  As a special treat we also received corn meal and dried black beans from a neighboring farm. 

 Our medium box has been just right for our family of 3, with veggies to spare and more variety than anticipated for a spring share.   All has been fresh and perfect and as we sit down for dinner each night we’re finding ourselves imbued with the spirit of summer…two months early. 



  1. Melissa Rohrbaugh says:

    Great Article Mary! I have thought about CSA but have always felt the volume of goods might be too much for 2 people. We share a common interest in supporting the local farmers. Perhaps I need to rethink our strategy for this summer. Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Michelle says:

    D & I each have a farmers’ market near us at work. Yay! So many good reasons to shop there. D is going today as a matter of fact.

    ‘Loved your entry. Very helpful (and great writing!).


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