Eat Local Asparagus Challenge – Day 3 (Plus a Ruling for Day 4)

May 10, 2010 at 7:47 am

My wife pines for a family of twelve.  Really.  It’s either that or she wants to keep her algebra skills alive.  See, there is no recipe it seems that can not be doubled or otherwise extended.  It does makes sense to have extras, an easy lunch one day or dinner another night when things get hectic.  Or she can pine for a family of twelve.  You think it is hard enough when she makes so many portions.  What about if she makes twelve portions twice.  It is not beyond her to try a recipe a few times to tweak variations.  We can have a lot of something in the Bungalow.  This made us realize that we would need an Eat Local Asparagus Challenge ruling.   Did each day need to be a different asparagus preparation.  If so, we feared a mass pile up.

It went to Family Council.  The ruling: the challenged would be satisfied with any asparagus preparation, even ones previously enjoyed.  In other words, leftovers counted.

We needed this favorable ruling because my wife made a whole batch of Day 3.  “Do we have more asparagus downstairs.”  Mmmmmm, more asparagus.  What was she doing. 

“What are you doing.” 

“I’m doubling the recipe.  I need 2 pounds of asparagus.”

I talked her down to a pound and a half of asparagus, which she combined with quinoa, preserved lemon, radish and pecans.  It met the Challenge, and met her need to amaze.  Once again she could find it.  In the thousands of cookbooks around the Bungalow, she could find the one with the Ready, Set, Cook recipe list from Joan Nathan’s New American Cooking.  Sprinkled with feta, it made a nice light dinner after Mother’s Day on Argyle’s Tank Noodle.

Day 4 seems rather set.