MARKET WATCH: More markets roll (steamroll) out

May 9, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Take heart, Rob!  Several more markets are joining the lineup this week and next.  For shoppers this means more to pick and choose from.  But for those of us who sell at farmers markets, it’s like a steamroller.  I marvel from a distance when the farming season starts how relentless it is—it stops for nothing, just keeps moving forward, and the farmer either keeps up with it or might as well throw in the towel (or trowel).  

And farmers markets are a bit like that.  One week, there’s one market, the next week there are three, then four, then seven, and so on.  Big farms like Nichols pitch their dozen canopies and unload a small army of workers to hoist and set out their immense variety at, I’m guessing, a dozen or more markets every week.  A few of us with portable, less perishable products—Tomato Mountain, River Valley—will eventually be participating in about 30 markets each week, so by late June, we’ll have a schedule that rivals the most complicated org chart or construction calendar.  But, actually, it’s not that complicated: all farmers market vendors just plow forward—rain or shine—week after week, just staying a pace or two ahead of the steamroller.   

Here are some of the markets being added to the mix this week and next.  (Check my last Market Report for those already in progress.)

Now, don’t let a little cold or rain keep you from your favorite market….the vendors will be there!  Use the comments to let us know what you find.  And if I’ve missed a market that you know of, please share the info.



  1. Michael Morowitz says:

    I’m concerned about tomorrow’s expected Federal Plaza start (my primary market). The plaza is about 60% closed off for a remodeling project and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to be opening it up anytime soon. I’m not sure how they’re going to squeeze the market in there tomorrow.

  2. Michael Morowitz says:

    No sign of the Federal Plaza market today. City’s website has been updated to say that next week, the 18th is the first market.

  3. ~M says:

    When will the market finder be updated? It’s a huge help! This one:

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