Eat Local Asparagus Challenge – Days 1, 2

May 9, 2010 at 9:30 am

My wife made this decree: we shall have a dish of asparagus a day as long as we can.  It would be the Eat Local Asparagus Challenge.  It fits into all sorts of household mischigas.  One daughter, especially, loves the establishment of ritual–not necessarily the following of rituals, but she loves setting them.  There is Mom and Dad’s need to do everything at least twice.  Go to Los Angeles, we have to go back six months later with the kids.  We seem to do a lot of that kind of repeating.  Then, there is Mom’s ability to eat the same thing forever.  I believe she had yogurt/kefir and cereal for breakfast 68 days in a row once.  Finally, of course, there is our love of seasonal eating.  Gorge now on asparagus.  It won’t be around forever.

Asparagus lends itself to many, many preparations.  It is good roasted, broiled, grilled, sauteed and steamed.  Hot or cold.  It works well raw, which many do not realize.  It has affinities for ham, cheese, butter and eggs, so it clears the pantry too.  And as the saying goes, what grows together goes together; match asparagus with other Spring foods like peas, trout, ramps, etc.  While the parameters of our Challenge do not require new recipes each day, the spirit of the challenge certainly suggests such practice.  With all the local asparagus around now, and all the asparagus dishes around, you may want to join the Eat Local Asparagus Challenge.

Day 1

Asparagus sauteed with leeks and baked into a quiche

Day 2

Thin slices of raw asparagus, Spring radishes, crumbled Feta cheese tossed with mustard vinaigrette.


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  1. Melissa says:

    We’re so thrilled that the little locavore has finally realized the beauty of the asparagus. So while, we may need eat it each and every day, it’s on our table more days than not during these first days of our Midwestern spring.

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