How Does Your Garden Grow – More Beet Reporters Needed/Questions Answered

May 4, 2010 at 9:14 am

Last week we put out a call for Beet Reporters, looking especially for market shoppers, CSA subscribers and foragers (both urban and rural).  We wanted to know why you were eating local, and we wanted to know what steps you were taking to eat local year round.  We’ve added several reporters to the roster, and have already published a dispatch from Geneva.  David Mendoza shared why he chose a the CSA route.  To this stable of Beet Reporters, we want to let you know, we are also looking for Backyard Farmers.

How does your garden grow?  We want to hear from you.  Not only do we want you to share what is happening in your plot, we want to hear your questions and concerns.  Brad Moldofsky, our resident Backyard Farmer, is not growing this year for a few reasons.  He is, however, here as an expert to share his experiences and answer questions on a regular(ish) basis.  We also hope a few of you new Reporters on the garden beat will also be able to answer questions.  Volunteer to contribute or contribute your gardening questions.

Like last week, you can respond to this call via email to Rob at or via a comment to this post (which will not be published).  We look forward to hearing from you!