Eating local can include bringing food back on the plane home

April 30, 2010 at 9:44 am

We talk about eating local, but when you live in the Midwest, sometimes that can be frustrating. We would rather eat food grown in California than here, but we don’t live there. And the food grown in California – by the time it would get here – isn’t as good as it would be in California.

What if you could bring back freshly grown food in California picked at the right time for the ideal freshness?

This would be way too impractical and, of course, too expensive. But as long as you are in California, why not bring back a little slice of the Golden State back home.

So on my recent trip to San Francisco, I enjoyed eating local, fresh, and flavorful. But when it was time to get back on the plane, I decided to take a little bit of San Francisco local flavor back with me – literally.

I flew out Tuesday afternoon, so I made sure to stop by the farmers market at the Ferry Building to pick up a few last things.

I really wanted to bring back a case of organic strawberries, cheese, butter, vegetables, pickled and baked goods. But I had to be realistic. I had one suitcase, this food had to travel 2,000 miles well, and I didn’t want to be greedy.

There were some easy things to bring back. Having garlic in your suitcase is almost required, and this batch that I brought back has been incredibly flavorful.

I planned some of my fare for dinner on the plane. Eating an organic orange and a sourdough loaf on the flight back was the best meal I’ve ever had on a plane.

Another sourdough loaf and a tomato were earmarked for my first lunch back in Chicago. Mmmmm. And I bought 1.5 pounds of mushrooms that is going really well with the fresh garlic I brought back.

So this isn’t very practical. But if you are out visiting someone, or have to go on a business trip, don’t be afraid to bring back a little of this on the ride home. If nothing else, the person sitting next to you on the plane will be a little envious, and might learn the wonders of buying directly from the farmers.


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  1. Rob Gardner says:

    Chad, my family has always subscribed to the “if it’s local where you get it, it’s always local rule.” One of the greatest reasons to eat local is to experience all the regional specialities around the country. Try them while you are there and bring them home to have them some other time.

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