More New York Times Interest In Michigan Wine; “The Next Great White Wine Frontier”

April 28, 2010 at 12:58 pm

It’s not that we need validation from New Yorkers: We don’t. But when word of our local wine gets the attention of someone as far away and elite as New York Times’ wine critic, Eric Asimov, I’m intrigued. Earlier, I shared Asimov’s NY Times blog entry about his interest in Michigan riesling. Now, he’s passed on a highly positive review of Michigan wine, which the reviewer labels as “The Next Great White Wine Frontier.”

These sort of accolades take the notion of “eating local” to a new level. For example, we know that peaches grown nearby and brought fresh to market will taste better than those shipped across the world. Our local wine producers are taking the process of growing something that’s distinctly Midwestern one step farther. First, they brave potentially difficult conditions to grow climate-appropriate grapes. Then, through the magic of adept winemaking skills, they turn what is essentially a local crop — grapes — into something that is a unique representation of the Midwest.

My general belief is that if Asimov is interested in Michigan, then that’s one more reason to take advantage of the best-kept secret of our local bounty, and drink some local wine today. (Stay tuned to The Local Beet for a mini-guide to the 2009 releases of white wine.)