Fleecing Update

April 19, 2010 at 10:36 pm

After Baaaarbara got fleeced, some of the human denizens of Rivendell Farm sent this update:


We sent the fleeces of to our local fiber processing plant. The wool bags weigh 150 to 175#. So lots of wool. We did hear the price was better this year, so the wool will bring about 30¢ to 35¢ per pound. Our sheep average about 6# of wool each. The shearing cost $3.50 per sheep. Not exactly a money maker, but necessary for the upkeep of the ewes.

Yes, in the western states where it is drier they raise sheep that have finer wool and more of it — they can get 75¢ a pound. Some shepherds out there keep their wool very clean and sell it to hand spinners for a much better price, but that usually involves coats for the sheep that have to be changed once or twice a year as the fleece grows.

Leave a comment if there’s anything you want to know about wool from the source. We’ll do our best to answer, based on doing this for 30 years.