Post-Pizza Market

April 18, 2010 at 10:29 am

The fundraiser through Giordano’s for the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market was fantastic. They got a huge Wednesday boost in their business and we got a nice check. We’ve had a request for another restaurant fundraiser, but it’s unclear whether we can marshall our resources again to do this. It takes a fair amount of effort to publicize the fundraiser, including many of us spending time walking around Morton Grove neighborhoods handing out leaflets. Even though the weather is ideal for a nice door-to-do0r walk, there are other activities that demand our attention and man-hours.

One of our vendors, Maier’s Bakery, has offered to store the canopies, tables, chairs and other equipment we need to run the Market each week. Market Manager Kristina visited two of our orchards in Michigan and a farm in Illinois to verify that they do grow their produce on their premises, captured some video and audio and got to know the vendors a little bit better.

Only a few details remain to fall into place before the May 29 Grand Opening. No doubt on the first day, a whole bunch of details we hadn’t thought about will rear their ugly heads. But we have enough competent people and advice givers that we feel confident we’ll be able to solve any issues that pop up.