Is the marriage between schools and fast food good for the children?

April 16, 2010 at 12:09 am


With all the talk about fast food and junk food and schools, the last thing you would expect a school to do is have a tie-in with a fast food restaurant.

But the neighborhood Wendy’s held a fundraiser for McPherson Elementary at Wolcott and Lawrence.

What was even more surprising is that the lighted sign outside the school said, “Eat Wendy’s.”

Schools need money, and sometimes they can’t be picky as to where they get it. However, our kids are already exposed to enough fast food marketing outside the school realm. Is it too much to ask to have the school be a sanctuary from marketing?

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  1. What’s worse is when schools subcontract their lunch programs to fast food. I’ve heard rumors that even some of the most affluent north shore schools are doing precisely that.

  2. Brad Moldofsky says:

    Do schools serve unhealthy food because of the laziness of the cafeteria staff, the indifference of the parents or the demands of the kids, who are used that food like this? Or is it just so much more profitable to serve fast food to kids that healthy alternatives can’t survive in the marketplace?

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