From Grass to Cheese: A Documentary About the Nolan Family Dairy Farm

April 13, 2010 at 11:03 am

Want to help with a documentary about where cheese comes from? Oh but you don’t know how to make a documentary? ¬†Good news! You can leave that up to the director and pledge some funds to help him get started!

There is this project going on right now to raise the funds to create a new documentary, Grass to Cheese, about “the new American farm story”. This film will follow the Nolan family dairy farm, Laurel Valley Creamery and will tell the delicious tale of turning grass into cheese.

Todd Tue, a Chicagoan and the director of the film, says his inspiration for starting this project was his affinity for the rural family. About the Nolan family he says, “The Nolan family farm does not just make cheese, it is a place that combines life with livelihood and exhibits the long-standing tradition of a commitment towards community building.”

In 2009 Tue made a short film depicting his trip to Laurel Valley and it was widely enjoyed at the Bob Evans Farm Festival. Now he wants to make a full length documentary but he needs your help (and mine). He is asking people to pledge a minimum of $10 (no maximum!) – a total of $28,000 – by April 24, 2010. Once you pledge, you are dubbed a Backer of the film and you can collect your rewards! The more you pledge, the more rewards (but that’s not why we’re doing it, right?….)

There are only 10 days left! Watch the short film, eat some of your homemade mozzarella and pledge your funds to help create a story that needs to be heard!




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  1. Todd Tue says:

    Thank you so much for your help. It is very sincerely appreciated.

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