New Fundraiser for Morton Grove Market

April 12, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Plans for the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market are moving along smoothly. So smoothly that some of us (well, me) worry that sooner or later, something must go terribly wrong to compensate for the amazing amount of cooperation we’ve gotten from both municipal and private enterprises. Giordano’s, for example, is donating 20 percent of ALL PROCEEDS earned this Wednesday, April 14, from any customer who mentions the Market. That’s Giordano’s Pizza at the corner of Austin and Dempster in Morton Grove. See you there Wednesday.

Just as we were trying to scrape together funds for customized canvas bags, a local printer offered to donate them to the Market. Our hope, of course, is to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags and not make our vendors add more plastic to the waste stream. Market Manager, Kristina, and I made a very educational trip out to Marengo to visit Twin Gardens Farm and watch their cutting edge growing operation. Give me some time and I’ll edit a cool video you can link to.

The Morton Grove health inspector has also agreed to allow us to offer food samples provided certain hygiene rules are followed. We’ve booked up almost all the time slots for community connections booths and live entertainment. We’ve run out of room to add more vendors and almost every civilian we’ve spoken to either professes to be excited to come see the market or wants to volunteer to help.

The single biggest disappointment, I would say, is that we cannot afford the equipment this year to take credit card transactions or LINK card transactions. We’ve started applying for a USDA grant to obtain the money, but we’re stretched thin enough as it is and won’t have time to finish the application before the Market begins. But that only leaves us room for improvement next season.