Going to the local food instead of having it come to you

April 5, 2010 at 2:05 pm

I love fresh baby bella mushrooms. I use them often in my breakfast and sometimes in my lunch and dinner. They add fiber and Vitamin C and they taste good.

And I often buy my mushrooms from River Valley. I buy them at the Green City Market, and the other smaller farmers markets throughout Chicago. I like supporting the local farmer and their mushrooms always are consistent in quality.

But I usually think of having the mushrooms come to me. I never thought the path would go the other way.

I took my girlfriend to Kenosha for lunch for her birthday. Then we drove down Highway 50 to Lake Geneva. She pointed out the River Valley mushroom store.

We had gone on through the intersection, trying to decide whether to stop while driving about 55 mph. After a few seconds, I found the nearest place to pull a U-turn and went back to the store.

The driveway was long and the building looked small. We weren’t sure if the place was open on Easter, but once we realized it was open, we were very excited to be there.

Even before you entered, you saw the compost off to the side. You definitely weren’t at a farmers market.

Mushrooms and mushroom products dominated the landscape once we entered. But there were other fresh vegetables, a refrigerated section with cheese, grass-fed beef, bacon, and so much more. You could even buy a box kit to grow your own mushrooms. This was not like the farmers market.

If I had brought a bigger cooler, we would have bought more. As it was, we bought garlic, shallots, eggs, and of course, mushrooms.

You can argue that they are the same mushrooms as the ones we can buy on the farmers market. But somehow, buying them in the store, going to the mushrooms instead of having them come to me, makes them taste that much better.



  1. Rob Gardner says:

    Great report. I’ve been to RVR, but when I did go, I did not know yet about the World’s Best Burgers also in Burlington (http://frp.tripod.com/index.htm). Now, I’ve been anxious for a return trip. Now, more than ever!

    See also: http://chibbqking.blogspot.com/2008/12/burlington-wi-worlds-best-burgers-tony.html

  2. Chad Rubel says:

    Have to recommend the burger in the Spot Drive-In in Kenosha. And they make their own root beer. Best burger of the weekend, and we ate at Redamak’s in New Buffalo, MI on Saturday.

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