New Chicagoland Farmer’s Market – Glenwood

March 25, 2010 at 4:00 pm

We are long on record saying that we love all farmer’s  markets.  Actually within the confines of the Local Beet news room, you will some difference of opinion.  You will find market snobs, turning their heads at the first whiff of kettle korn, but you also find others, like your Editor, who can practically stand the most hazy of places, where the produce is wide and ample all the time and always seems to comes from “Southern Illinois”.  Yes, there are bad, pretty much bad, markets out there, but we love farmer’s markets.  We will tell you about as many new ones as we can.

We are hot on the trail of several new markets set to launch in 2010.  Brad has already kept you well informed on the Morton Grove market rolling out this season.  We should have information soon on a PM market in Forest Park, and the agrarian fair mid-week in Oak Park.  Of course, Robin Schirmer’s Market Watch is the place for all the gossip.  Please also let us know of any new markets you come across.

One market we have been tracking for over a year is the new Sunday market in Glenwood/Roger’s Park.  Not only do they have a snazzy logo (the T shirts look great), but they are committed to being one of those good markets.  They will be one of the few places around to get local, organic apples.  There should be a nice mix of farmers and artisan producers like our friends at Tomato Mountain. 

The Glenwood Market launches on June 6, and will convene weekly through October 17.  The market will be localed at Morse and Glenwood, within the Glenwood Avenue Arts District in Rogers Park, conveniently located at the Morse “L” stop.  Market hours are 9 AM to 1 PM.