The Weekly Harvest – Eat Local Links

March 22, 2010 at 6:04 pm

This week’s harvest of links goes to plenty of our favorite places: the debate over eating local, dark day challenges, ramps, local beer, and for at least one more week, the FamilyFarmed Expo.

The first local ramps on a plate.

The locavore debate, good stuff!

Chuck takes stock of the revolution (brewing).

The reports from the FamilyFarmed Expo still roll in.

See how our local cheese team did in the World Championship (really a world championship not so much the world championship).

Congratulations to our friends Monica Eng, David Hammond, Mike Sula, Kevin Pang, Rick Bayless, and all the rest for their 2010 James Beard Award nominations.

It does get hard to eat local in March.  Here’s a recap of how some others are getting by in the darkest days.


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  1. Rob:
    Thanks for the link to my Family Farmed post. Really appreciate it!

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