Lots Of Talk About Michigan Wine At Tweet And Taste

March 9, 2010 at 1:10 pm

The first ever Tweet And Taste was held last night. Tweet And Taste is a virtual wine tasting, in which wine lovers from all over can taste selected Michigan wines at a designated time and simultaneously share their thoughts on Twitter with others tasting the same wines. Last night’s program was dedicated to three wines from Black Star Farms: 2007 Arcturos Pinot Noir, 2007 Arcturos Barrel Aged Chardonnay, and 2008 Arcturos Dry Riesling. All three wines were made from grapes grown on either the Leelanau or Old Mission peninsulas in Michigan.

By the end of the night, the statistics were staggering: Tweet And Taste attracted a whopping 66 participants from many places, including Michigan, Chicagoland, and Savannah, Georgia. The participants included a master sommelier, the winemaker for Black Star Farms, and numerous wine bloggers. In all, more than 800 tweets were exchanged.

Most participants rated the pear-forward, green apple tartness of the Dry Riesling as the best of the group, with the fruity Pinot Noir coming in a close second. The lightly oaky Chardonnay was well-received, although many in the group expressed that they were not Chardonnay fans in general.

Why is local wine relevant? Because it expresses the place from where it came. Last night’s Pinot Noir, in particular, demonstrated its origins, as people commented that, although the wine was undoubtedly an expression of the pinot noir grape, it did not taste like any pinot noir anyone had ever tasted: “Not Burgundian, but not high octane like a lot of California Pinots. More New Zealand-ish, maybe?” “[T]his [Pinot Noir] expresses the flavors of the region, our vineyards [are] young but fruit is bright and sensual . . .” “I don’t quite get rich enough fruit for it to be N[ew] Z[ealand]. I do get a feeling of fall in the level of fruit though.” Taking the comments together, it was the general consensus of the group that the wine, which was lighter and more ruby in color than most pinot noirs, was an expression of the shorter ripening season in upper Michigan. It’s an unique wine that proudly and unapologetically expresses its Midwest origins.

The full transcript of last night’s discussion can be found here. If you didn’t participate in the tasting, but still would like to try Black Star Farm’s wine, you can visit their website for ordering information. Plans are in the works for more Tweet And Tastes in the future.

Did you participate in last night’s virtual tasting, or have had Black Star Farms’ wines? If so, let us know here what you think.



  1. Thanks for covering the event. The wines were fantastic and the public reception was more than we every hoped for. I hope you keep checking out MichiganByTheBottle.com for future Tweet & Taste Michigan events!

  2. Coryn Briggs says:

    Wendy we are so glad you participated in this event. I Love your comments about the relevancy of local wine it is right on! We have so many great wines in Michigan and they just keep getting better. Thanks again.

    • Waeschlimann says:

      Shannon – Thanks for setting up Tweet and Taste and so fervently promoting it via the internet. It shows the power and the reach of the social media; that it was able to net so many participants in a tasting of a selection of Michigan wine.

      Coryn – I was very pleased with Black Star’s wines in the tasting. Are they distributed/sold in Chicagoland? I know Green Grocer was carrying your 2006 Arcturos Pinot Noir for awhile, but is there anywhere else?

      • Coryn Briggs says:

        Wendy – Yes our wines are distributed in Chicagoland. We recommend checking Binny’s or Whole Foods Markets. I’m not sure what vintage they will have…it could be the 06 or 07. Thanks!

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