The Bees Have Survived

March 7, 2010 at 12:26 pm

For anyone who read the story about bee gardener Anthony McKinney and his South Side hives, there was a real concern about whether the bees would survive their first Chicago winter.

Beekeeper McKinney is happy to report that, despite a few hundred bee corpses lying around the hives, the insects have taken advantage of the recent warm(ish) weather to sun themselves and see if any pollen is to be found. While Anthony is still cautiously optimistic that they’ll survive the potentially brutal weather of our early spring, he nonetheless refilled their feeding buckets and tucked the hives back into slumber with their insulation. So far, though, so good.



  1. Alexandra says:

    Do you know of any stores where I can buy local Chicago bee pollen? Thanks!

  2. Brad Moldofsky says:

    Stores I couldn’t say. But there are associations of Illinois bee keepers whom you could get in touch with who’d be more qualified to send you in the right direction.

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