The Passing of a Locavore Hero

March 3, 2010 at 10:28 am

I recently learned of the passing of Rose Gray, Chef at River Cafe in London.  River Cafe post-dated my time spent living in the UK (not that I would have had the budget to eat there then anyways), but I’ve always held it dear.  Actually what I hold dear are the several River Cafe books published by Rose Gray and her partner Ruth Rogers, a duo my wife and I came to call Roger Gray. 

And you know, actually for books held dear, I rarely make the recipes within the books.  To some extent that happens because the books do not have a lot of recipes as much as food combinations.  For instance, one of the books features several pages of what you can do to snazz up fresh mozzarella.  Yet, that is exactly why the books are so appealing and so precious for those eating local.  Unlike many restaurant cookbooks that lead to towel-throwing-in (cf Mr. Keller), Roger Gray did the opposite.  They inspire home cooking.  Man does it look easy.  Man can wonderful meals be created with a few items, especially if they are good local items.  There are no better places to look for ideas once the CSA box arrives than the Roger Gray books.  Of course it helps if that week rocket got included because more than half the time to add spice or contrast.

For this locavore, Rose Gray was a big hero.