Big Whup

March 1, 2010 at 2:43 pm

Tom Keith

So Local Beet has been around one whole year. Big deal. One year isn’t much. Ask me about it when ten years rolls around, maybe – when this whole internet deal has been replaced with surgically-implanted devices that directly connect everyone’s brains.

How did I even get involved with all this junk, anyway? I often ask that of myself. The answer is, I was drunk. Not overly drunk, just feeling pleasant. I was at Weegee’s (3659 W. Armitage, Chicago), a great bar named after the famed photographer of the early twentieth century. It was an event celebrating the five-year anniversary of (even a five year anniversary deserves more celebration than one year). Through LTHForum, I’d known Editor-at-Large Rob Gardner and Editor-in-Chief Michael Morowitz for a few years.

I was ambushed. Rob snuck up on me from behind. I had a beer in my hand (duh). It might have been a Stella Artois – the Budweiser of Belgium. Rob asked me about it, so I told him what I thought – it’s about as close as you can get to a boring beer produced in Belgium. Then I started telling him about a beer-hunting trip I’d taken to Milwaukee and environs the previous weekend. “Hey, why don’t you write that up for The Local Beet?” Unfortunately, Rob has a rather engaging personality, and I wasn’t feeling much pain, so I said “Yeah, what the hell.”

Since then, the gig has given me an excuse to visit some of the area’s newest and most exciting breweries (e.g. Metropolitan, Revolution), and to be able to pick up the phone and chat with some of the region’s best brewers (Dan Carey, or Nick Floyd, for example). My semi-failed experiment at making beer out of Henry’s Farm’s local beets did receive some notoriety. And maybe one or two of you out there have decided to skip the Miller Lite and try one of our really great local beers. But I won’t be retiring any time soon on all the filthy lucre this thing generates.

One year of aging on some of my beers and ciders – now that’s something to celebrate – a tribute to my own personal self control. But one year for a piddling little website?

Yeah, it’s been a whole year. Yawn. I’m gonna go have a beer.