Meet the Beet @ the FamilyFarmed Expo – 3/13

February 25, 2010 at 9:50 am

As if.

As if you need more reasons to attend “consumer day” at the FamilyFarmed Expo on March 13, 2010 at the UIC Forum, between the chef demo’s by the like of Rick Bayless, Paul Virant, Paul Kahn, the whole animal discussion with our friends Mike Sula and Rob Levitt, the exhibits, the wide array of speakers, we bring you another opportunity to meet the Beet.  Melissa Graham, the Sustainable Cook, is one of the speakers, attesting to the fact that eating local can be a year-round activity.  In addition, as in past years with her crew from Purple Asparagus, she will be leading the family activities.  Local Beet contributor, Helen Standen, the Chicken Lady, is presenting on her area of expertise, the back yard coop.  Myself, I’m on a panel exhorting you all to buy local, buy organic and buy fair trade.  Look forward also to some reporting on the Expo from our Backyard Farmer, Brad Moldofsky.  And I am sure you’ll find out what’s happening behind the scenes via our Twitter feeds @thelocalbeet @localfamily or @sustainablecook.  Meet the Beet at the Expo.

The full line-up for consumer day can be found here (note, I have been moved from the eating on a dime to the buying local, organic and fair trade).