Continuous Improvement – CSA Materials

February 15, 2010 at 3:32 pm

We (meaning me, the Local Beet Editor) made the decision to throw up our CSA materials before we knew we had all the CSAs covered.  We did this for a few reasons.  Namely, we knew some CSAs were already sold out or were on the verge of selling out, and we wanted as few unattainable CSAs in our listings as possible.  More apt, we knew that by posting the listings, we could flush out mistakes, learn about new CSAs and otherwise continuously improve our output.  I believe in the journalism game that’s called crowd sourcing.  Or something like that.  We do need everyone’s help to make the best resources possible.  Please pass your CSA information to us in the comments.

Please be patient with us if we have forgotten your CSA.  Look forward to bigger and better listings soon with your farm included too.