Have We Got a CSA for You

February 12, 2010 at 10:13 am

Rob Gardner

At the Local Beet, we strongly support farmers participating in CSAs or Community-Supported Agriculture program.  By joining a CSA  you purchase a bit of a farm.  You purchase a share of the farmer’s output for the year.  CSAs crucially support farmers ability to provide real food to their neighbors by enabling a market and supplying cash at a critical moment.  For you, a CSA box provides a regular shipment of local goodies.  You learn new fruits and vegetables and get access to the highest quality items.  You will never know how much one can love a kohlrabi.  More importantly, the CSA ties you the the farm.  You usually get some letter or email letting you know how the food got to you, what life is like on the farm.  And want to know more, many CSAs host farm parties for you to see up close your food being grown.  Some CSAs let you work (some even require help!).  There are CSAs for every budget and need.  Local Beet Wine Maven Wendy Aeschlimann went through all the CSAs available around Chicagoland to find the one for you.  

We are especially proud of our 2010 listing of CSAs.  It is our biggest list of local CSAs ever.   Better, our 2010 listings are searchable and sortable.  Give it a whirl.  Again, thank Wendy for all the tough research.  Besides giving you a giant table with all the CSA data you could want, we have also created a listing of CSAs by location.

As you will see in our CSA listings, some CSAs have already sold out portions of their programs.  The time to get on board is now.  Curious about what a CSA looks like.  In 2008 Michael Morowtiz did an Anatomy of his CSA.

While we have made every effort to capture the range of CSAs available, we may have missed something.  If you know of any other CSAs, or you are a farmer whose CSA we did not include, please let us know via our comments and we will rectify.  Likewise, if you find any errors in our listings, also let us know.  Still, do not limit your comments to what we’ve missed.  Let us know what CSA you have chosen for 2010 and why you chose it.  We have dedicated a thread/post for all of us to share our 2010 CSA decisions.

Except for a brief bust of interest in our Guide to Winter Eating, our CSA listings have been our most popular items on the Local Beet.  It lets us know that people want to eat local and want good, practical information to assist them.  We hope you enjoy our 2010 edition of Have We Got a CSA for You.



  1. Kristin says:

    Sandhill Organics is in Grayslake.

  2. Wendy Aeschlimann says:

    Kristin – Sandhill Organics’ website states that they are located in Prairie Crossing, so I listed them there. I have now updated the list so that it is listed under Grayslake as well. Thanks for the information.

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