Local Fruit Destroyed

February 5, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Our favorite locavore beat writer brought us some awful news today.  It seems that Flora Lazar of the well respected Flora Confections lost an estimated $6,000 in potential revenue by doing the right things.  Of course, Ms. Lazar did the right thing by applying for all the necessary licenses and pursuing inspections for her operations.  More, she took advantage of what we always advocate.  Preserve your seasonal bounty.  Ms. Lazar knew that great local produce, properly frozen, would make better candies than what she would just get otherwise in the winter.  Yet, for reasons not apparently discloses so far, the City of Chicago found the frozen foods unfit to serve.  As Monica Eng reports, she could not even give the frozen fruit to her son.  It was all killed with the inspectors weapon of choice, the bleach bucket.

Monica has much more at the Chicago Tribune’s Stew.



  1. nourhy says:

    they also did that to the folks over at Lula’s Cafe some months ago. The city is trying to make money and have control over canning methods and production…many people have found that its best to go into hiding about doing so because the of the costs involved to have the city monitor and suggest what type of facility you can be allowed to do these things in. Its going to hurt the small independent person.

  2. chely says:

    I’m so sad to hear these stories! Unfortunately, we live in a world where greed and money control our lives. We can make a difference by changing the way future generations think and setting good examples!

  3. that is my favorite vegetable along /w brussel sprouts. What is the deal with this?

  4. Jaime Moore says:

    This story makes me sick to my stomach–and to see the video is worse. So sorry for the loss in revenue, but spirit, too.

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