Seeking Rare Roosters? Look no further.

January 20, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Wellspring has several rare breed roosters available for individuals wishing to bring the integrity of these breeds into their flocks.  All roosters are ~40 weeks of age.   If interested please see the contact information below.

Barred Holland:

The Barred Holland breed was developed in 1934.  Breeders began with light-weight stock originally imported from Holland, and mated it with White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and Lamona. Through careful selection the White Holland was created. Simultaneously, the Barred Holland was created by mating White Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, Australorp, and Brown Leghorn.  As shown in the picture, the roos are lighter in coloring than the pullets.

Barred Hollands are layers of medium sized white eggs.  They are good foragers, calm and fairly cold tolerant.  Their growth rate is slow to moderate, but can and do forage for most of their own food.  The Barred Holland was very popular with farmers.  This  breed is the rarest living breed of American chicken.

White Cubalaya:

The ancestry stock of the Cubalaya originated in the Philippines, and was brought into Cuba in the 1800’s. With careful selection and breeding, the Cubalaya was developed as a breed and first exhibited in the United States, in the 1930’s, at the International Poultry Show in Cleveland, Ohio. Cubalaya are classified as an Oriental Game breed. The breed standard was first approved in 1935, by the American Poultry Association, with the name Cubalaya in honor of Cuba where the breed originated. Cubalaya have a very nice white meat, lay an average of 4 – 5 eggs per week during their peak egg-laying season, and serve as a duel purpose breed in Cuba. Within the United States, they are typically kept for ornamental and exhibition purposes.

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The Buckeye is a dual-purpose breed of chicken with a deep, lustrous red color of plumage. They have yellow legs and skin, and, thanks to their pea comb, are very cold-weather hardy. While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range conditions, or conditions where they have room to move around. Because of their active nature they do not do especially well in small confined spaces. Roosters weigh approximately nine pounds; hens weigh approximately six and a half pounds and lay medium-sized, brown eggs.

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