New Year’s Links – Weekly Harvest

January 4, 2010 at 10:12 am

Just in time for your return to the office, a set of links to keep you distracted.

Chad does not fear the tyranny of the fresh.

Have you checked out the new design of Eat Local Challenge.  Very nice!

Our pal and Local Beet contributor Debbie Hillman was one of the deserving honorees of Illinois’s Environmental Heroes named by Governor Pat Quinn.

A good way to spend time back at work is by reading this study.

Five Wisconsin cheeses to track down and sample in 2010.

Wow, misguided, triabalist AND racists, us locavores.

Our colder weather friends at Simple, Good and Tasty start looking at the latest McWilliam’s anti-local arguments.  No community for you!

And find me one of those strict locavores, and I’ll curse them too.

Now, go waste some time.