Dear Santa:

December 22, 2009 at 10:58 pm

Melissa Graham

Dear Santa,

I know that your sled is already loaded down with Bakugans and zhu zhu pets, but I’ve been a good girl (well, I think) and I was hoping that you might add a few items to your sack for this Midwestern locavore to survive the winter.

Locally grown, all-purpose flour: Yes, I know several farmers sell whole wheat flour – I’ve got a bag of that sitting next to my 1 pound bag of chestnut flour from Hillside Orchards. I am also well aware that white flour was probably the first junk food known to man. Nevertheless, cookies, cakes, pies, even pizza crusts, just aren’t the same with 100% whole grains. I don’t need that much, just 20 pounds or so would do the trick.

Ginger: I love a bit of spice and ginger is so versatile – soups, cookies, and teas all benefit from the zing of fresh ginger. I just read that New York farmers have been selling locally grown ginger at the Manhattan markets. If you drop a few locally grown knobs down the chimney, I promise to freeze one for next year’s gingersnaps, which would absolutely find their way on the cookie plate we set out for you Christmas Eve.

More beans: Three Sisters showed that it could be done. In my view, their tender Midwestern grown black beans rival the best in the world. If you could drop a more varieties of these shriveled beauties (perhaps some Wisconsin grown Ying Yang or Dragon’s Tongue). Just a few bags would get us through the dark days of winter.

Peanuts: I know that a few farmers, such as our friend Vicki over at Genesis Growers, have been experimenting with peanuts. It’s got me jonesing for a bag of fresh locally grown peanuts – perhaps you could wrap them in my son’s Jay Cutler jersey.

Well that’s it for now.

Have a safe trip, say hi to Mrs. Claus, and tell Rudolph we’ve got some terrific carrots from Farmer Vicki.