Beery Gifts

December 14, 2009 at 4:09 pm

Tom Keith

Doh! Forget the Homer Simpson speaking bottle cap opener. Here are five beery holiday gift ideas for all the people you don’t particularly despise.



Stange glasses, the small, thin beer glasses that are a tradition in Cologne, Germany — home of Kölsch beer — are great paired with a six pack or two of Chicago-based Metropolitan’s Krankshaft Kölsch . A dozen glasses are $12.50, the six packs are about $10 each.


Think it’s easy to drink beer? Well, it is, at least if you’re beyond the fake ID stage. But want to get the ultimate appreciation out of the beers you drink? You’ll need lessons from a master, who just happens to be based in Rogers Park. List price is about $17.  Read more.  



An annual tradition, Goose Island’s Christmas Ale  (a brown ale) is a bit different every year. For this year, a portion of the beer’s profits will go to the Chicago Christmas Ship. Each year the ship sails from the shores of Michigan to Chicago with a hull of Christmas trees to be given to many disadvantaged families in Chicago. Comes in 22 oz. bottles for about $6 each.



There’s a rumor that there exists a strange breed of humanoids that don’t particularly like beer. I don’t believe it. However, should you come across a peculiar person who prefers spirits, you can still give them their beer — in distilled form. Koval’s Bierbrand, made in Ravenswood, goes for about $33 for a 375 ml bottle.




Is there someone you really like, who needs a draft system for the next tailgate party? Maybe to help forget the latest Bears loss?   This contraption holds a 5-Liter mini keg, and dispenses it just like your corner tavern. Or you can keep the lines clean, and get even better tasting beer. Unfortunately, it is sourced from Vikings-land. About $220.

 Images courtesy of, respectively: Metropolitan Brewing, Lee Valley Tools,  Goose Island Brewing, Koval Distillery, Midwest Supplies


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  1. Tracy Hurst says:

    Hiya Tom!

    Thanks for the mention of Krankshaft. Your gift ideas are great!

    Metro Brewing

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