This Week’s Harvest of Links

December 8, 2009 at 11:07 am

The Weekly Harvest

Gemma at Gaper’s Block gets us inside the long awaited opening of the Dill Pickle Coop in Logan Square.

We all love Mado.  We all love Goose Island.  We got to all love Mado beer at Goose Island.

We’re trying, we’re really trying to push winter local eating, but right about now, would not you rather be eating local in Hawaii?

On the other hand, if they can do it in New Hampshire

These people had a nice local Thanksgiving right here in Chicago, and here’s a winning essay embracing the local this holiday.

Eat really old cheese.  The Hook’s who can be found almost weekly at the Dane County Market have gone about as far as cheddar can go.  Will they get this at the new French Market?

It’s been a while, but we really enjoy what they do at Cincinnati Locavore.

This is pretty cool, wanna know if that bottle of Deans or Prairie Farms milk is local.  Look up the plant number here to see (via).

We’re pushing for our own report on local eating in Israel, but until our powers of persuasion prevail, here’s another report.



  1. valereee says:

    Thanks for the shout out! We love Local Beet, too!

  2. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the NH shout out! We’re rocking the winter farmers’ markets! 200 lbs of pork sold out in one hour!

    Virginia of Living the Local Life, NH

  3. hey local beet-
    thanks for the link… we love your stuff! keep it going and let us know when you make it out here to hawaii!

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