The Week at the Local Beet

December 6, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Rob Gardner

All of us here at the Local Beet stuffed ourselves for the sake of the Thanksgiving holiday.  One of us stuffed ourselves with a stuffing of French Fries; another did not meet his wife’s approval with the new dish.  Over sated, it took us a bit of time to start re-stocking our shelves with new material, but once the stupor wore off, we had plenty for you.

Our primary mission this time of year, remains getting you ready to eat local all winter.  We continue to give you good ideas for cold weather food.  We posted new recipes for persimmons and sunchokes (also called Jerusalem artichokes).  Because we believe that local food is wherever the heart leads, we found ourselves needing Gulf shrimps.   We collect these and all our cold weather recipes in one easy to use file.

As we delve into winter, do you know its three tastes?

Also important to us is keeping you informed about the world of local food around us.  We introduced you to the Permanent Indoor Market we would get, the Chicago French Market, and we reported back on what’s local there so far.  We are keenly interest in the growth of area farmer’s market, and Brad has been following the launch of a new market in Morton Grove.

We have improved the weekly Local Calendar making it easy to find all you need, even now, to live the locavore life.  This is the place to find events, restaurant specials, what’s in season, and updates on winter markets. 

On the other hand, we are not quite sure what is practical about the Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin, but as usual Tom brings us information about our local beer scene we never knew.  Look forward to additional reporting from Tom of the thriving beer scene in Southwestern Wisconsin.

We have guest posts this week from Dana Altman of Real Food Rehab and a few others.  We very much welcome your participation.  Come share your thoughts on eating local as well as come to us for any questions.